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About FOV

The FOV is the Federation of Organisations active in the popular (non-formal) adult education scene.

Popular adult education is a form of social-cultural work for adults, in which participants learn how to enlarge knowledge, insight and skills for themselves or others, aiming at their personal development and functioning in society, except for training aimed at obtaining a diploma, school education and/or vocational training. Adult education work is usually subdivided by kinds of work. There are three kinds of work: (1) socio-cultural associations (including migrant’s associations), (2) Specialised socio-cultural institutions and Folk High Schools, (3) Socio-cultural movements.

All the organisations recognised by the Flemish Government are free to join the FOV or not. All associations, institutions, folk high schools and movements that are recognised by the Flemish Community are member of the FOV. They have to pay an annual contribution to become a member. Those organisations who are not recognised (yet) by the Flemish Community can become a provisional member. They will be invited to the meetings of the FOV but will not have a vote in the internal process of decision-making.

The FOV protects and defends the interests of all the member organisations and represents them in the process of preparing the (non-formal) educational and cultural policy. The FOV also provides the members with the policy insights.

The FOV works in close contact with SoCiuS, which is the Flemish support centre for Adult Education. SoCiuS provides information, documentation, training and development in the adult education segment.

The FOV has a website and a electronic newsletter (both in Dutch) which will actively guide all the members and all the others who are interested on their quest for information concerning the popular adult education in the Flemish Community. If you have any questions about the FOV, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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